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Atlanta District Structures with Low Vertical Clearance

County Road Structure Height and Location
Bowie IH30 NFR 14' between FM559 and FM1397 in Texarkana
  US67 EB 13' EB between SH93 and US82 in Texarkana
  US82 14' between SH93 and SP14 in Texarkana
Harrison FM1997 11' 1/8 mile north of US80 in Marshall
Marion SH49 13'6" 1/2 mile west of FM1969 in Lassater
  SH49 13'6" 1/2 mile east of FM134 in Jefferson
Morris US259/SH49/SH11 13'6" between E.SH11 and W.SH11 in Daingerfield
Titus BU271 in Mount Pleasant 14' just north of SH49 in Mount Pleasant
  SH49 14' EB just west of BU271 in Mount Pleasant


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Last updated on Wed, Feb 8, 2017

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