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023-12 New General Issue License Plate - "The Texas Classic"

Registration and Title Bulletin - #023-12

Date: July 5, 2012


All County Tax Assessor-Collectors


New General Issue License Plate - "The Texas Classic"


To provide notice of a design change of the general issue license plate and instructions regarding deployment of the new license plate.


The new "The Texas Classic" license plate has a retro style and provides the following benefits over the current general issue plate:

The black-and-white design offers a more legible plate number for vehicle identification

The sheeting is more reflective which will result in increased safety

The license plate contains new embedded security features to protect against fraud

"The Texas Classic" license plate will be issued to both passenger vehicles and trucks, which will eliminate the need for dual inventory at the county after the current "Truck" plates are depleted

Our goal is to smoothly transition to the new license plate by depleting current stock of the "Lone Star Texas" (blue sky) plate. We want to eliminate the need for dual inventory in as many county offices as possible in a reasonable manner. Therefore, the TxDMV Regional Service Centers have been monitoring and adjusting recent license plate orders, and in some cases may be transferring inventory of the current plate to facilitate a statewide release of the new plate.


"The Texas Classic"

Distribution of "The Texas Classic" plate is anticipated to begin in mid-to-late July in those counties that exhaust their inventory of "Lone Star Texas" passenger plates. We have estimated that depletion of passenger license plates will occur several months prior to truck plates, which may not be depleted statewide until mid-to-late December.


When your shipment of the new general issue license plate arrives, you may only begin issuing the new plate after you deplete your existing stock of passenger plates. The Registration and Title System (RTS) will accommodate the issuance of the new plate for a seamless transition.

Continue to issue your existing stock of the current (blue sky) "Truck" plates for those vehicles until all inventory is exhausted. Later this year we will provide more information related to upcoming changes in RTS to accommodate the issuance of the new plate for trucks.


If you have any questions, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.

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