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Converter License

Converter License

converterA conversion means a motor vehicle, other than a motor home, ambulance or fire-fighting vehicle, that:

  • has been substantially modified by a person other than the manufacturer or distributor of the chassis of the motor vehicle, and
  • has not been the subject of a retail sale.

A converter means a person who before the retail sale of a motor vehicle:

  • assembles, installs, or affixes a body, cab or special equipment to a chassis, or
  • substantially adds, subtracts from or modifies a previously assembled or manufactured motor vehicle other than a motor home, ambulance or fire-fighting vehicle.

LF301 Application for New Motor Vehicle Converter License

LP301 Instructions for Completing Form LF301

LF601 Ownership Information

2293 Payment Information and Credit Card Payment Form

LF321 Application to Amend Converter License

LF604 Application to Amend Business Entity

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