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Pharr District Permit Restrictions

These restrictions were ordered by the Texas Department of Transportation, Pharr District. For questions about these restrictions, contact the following people in the district office:
Lynnette Villarreal (956) 702-6240
Jennifer Beltran (956) 702-6217

If a county you are looking for is not listed on this page, we are unaware of any restrictions in that county.

Abbreviation Description:

  • ML: Main Lane
  • EFR: East Frontage Road
  • WFR: West Frontage Road
  • NFR: North Frontage Road
  • SFR: South Frontage Road
  • NB: Northbound
  • SB: Southbound
  • EB: Eastbound
  • WB: Westbound
County Date Restriction
Brooks County, US281 NB 03-14-17 16' max width northbound between FM755 and FM3066.
Brooks County, SH285 01-17-17 11' max width between FM2191 and the Kleberg/Brooks County line.
Cameron County, IH69E/US77
Portion of US83
01-10-11 16’6” max height between FM1479 and SP54.
This restriction also affects US83 where it is double signed with IH69E.
Cameron and Hidalgo Counties, BU83 12-19-08 16’ max height between E.FM2061 in Pharr and IH69E in Harlingen.
Cameron County, US281 06-29-17 10' max width between FM3248 and FM1421.
Cameron County, US281 12-13-11 18' max height between New Cameron Ave and 1/2 mile north of New Cameron Ave in Brownsville.
New Cameron Ave is located approximately 3 miles south of FM1421.
Cameron County, SH100 06-29-16 12' max width between FM1847 and FM510.
Cameron County, SH550 Toll Road 07-07-14 No permits on the main lanes between IH69E and SH48.

This is a permanent restriction.

The main lanes are a toll road.
Cameron County, JCT SH550 & FM511 under Old Port Isabel Rd north of Port Brownsville. 12-13-11 16' max height under Old Port Isabel Rd.
Old Port Isabel Rd is located where SH550 and FM511 junction together approximately ¼ mile south of FM3248.
Hidalgo County, IH2/US83 ML, NFR, and SFR 11-18-14 11' max width on the ML, NFR, and SFR between SH364 and SH107.
Hidalgo County, IH2/US83 03-21-17 No width between 29th St and 2nd St in McAllen.
29th St is located approximately ¾ mile east of FM2220.
2nd St is located approximately ½ mile east of SH336.
Hidalgo County, BU83 12-19-08 14’ max height between W.US83 in Penitas/Perezville and E.FM2061 in Pharr.
Hidalgo and Cameron Counties,  BU83 12-19-08 16’ max height between E.FM2061 in Pharr and IH69E in Harlingen.
Hidalgo County, JCT BU83 & FM88 in Weslaco 12-19-08 14' max height for all turns at JCT BU83 & FM88.

This is due to low lights.
Hidalgo County, US281 07-22-15 No permits between Ridge Rd and IH2 in Pharr.
Ridge Rd is located approximately 2 miles south of IH2.
Hidalgo County, S.BU281 SB to US281 NB in Edinburg 06-03-09 There is no access traveling BU281 SB to S.US281 NB in Edinburg.
Hidalgo County, SH336 12-15-08 14’6" max height between IH2 and SH495.
Hidalgo County, FM490 07-05-16 No permits between W.FM681 and US281. 
Hidalgo County, FM493 09-12-17 11' max width between US281 and BU83 in Donna.
Hidalgo County, FM494 11-15-11 No height between W.FM1016 and E.FM1016.
Hidalgo County, SH495 12-15-08 14’6" max height between FM2220 and FM3362.
Hidalgo County, FM681 09-12-17 11' max width between SH107 and FM2221.
Hidalgo County, FM681 09-20-17 24' max width between ¼ mile south of FM1925 and 1 ¾ miles north of S.FM2058.
Hidalgo County, FM1925 09-05-17 44’ max width and/or 17’6” max height between FM681 and FM2220.
Hidalgo County, FM1926 12-16-08 14’6" max height between BU83 and SH495 in McAllen.
Hidalgo County, FM2061 12-16-08 14’6" max height between W.BU83 and SH495 in McAllen.
Hidalgo County, FM2221 09-12-17 11' max width between FM681 and SH364.
Hidalgo County, FM2993 NB 06-22-15 No permits northbound between SH107 and 8 Mile Rd in Cantu.
8 Mile Rd is located approximately 1 mile north of SH107.
Hidalgo County, SP115 12-15-08 14’6" max height between IH2 and BU83 in McAllen.
Jim Hogg County, SH16 01-24-13 All vehicles must have no less than 6" of ground clearance when crossing the railroad between SH285 and S.SH359.
Starr County, US83 in Roma-Los Saenz 01-25-06 15’6" max height between FM650 and FM649.
For loads higher than 15’6" stopping or starting in this area: The permit officer must contact the Pharr District Office for approval.

This is due to low traffic lights.
Willacy County, FM490 05-02-16 No permits between IH69E and FM2099.
Willacy County, FM507 12-15-11 No weight between the Cameron/Willacy County line and FM1018.
Zapata County, US83 SB 02-27-15 11' max width southbound between 1st Ave and Ohio St in Zapata.
1st Ave is located approximately ¾ mile south of SH16.
Ohio St is located approximately 1 ½ miles south of SH16.
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