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039-06 Obsolete Version of VTR-275, Request For Texas Motor Vehicle Information

Registration and Title Bulletin - #039-06

Date: May 26, 2006

To: All County Tax Assessor-Collectors

Subject: Obsolete Version of VTR-275, Request For Texas Motor Vehicle Information


These documents contain text of correspondence sent by TxDOT to the county tax assessor-collectors, statutory agents who provide vehicle registration and titling services for citizens in Texas. This information is provided to apprise the general public of issues affecting the state's vehicle titling and registration process.


To inform you that a previous version of form VTR-275 (Rev. 3/2004) is obsolete and must no longer be distributed or used.


A typesetting error on the Request For Texas Motor Vehicle Information, VTR-275, in 2004 (Rev. 3/2004) changed the "Permitted Uses" section on the back of the form to allow a checkmark, instead of initials, next to the permitted use(s) of the personal information requested. Initials are considered to be more useful in a disputed situation if a requestor falsely certifies a use and later denies checking a box.

This was corrected with the "5/2005" revision. Some of the older 2004 forms allowing checkmarks instead of initials continue to be submitted to the department, thus causing some of the requests to be rejected.


Please dispose of all forms with a revision date of March 2004 or earlier. All offices should be providing form VTR-275 with a "5/2005" or later revision date to customers (the latest revision of the form is enclosed).

After September 1, 2006, the Vehicle Titles and Registration Division will reject all VTR-275 forms with a revision date prior to "5/2005". VTR-275 forms with the preferred format requiring initials of the requestor will need to be submitted.


If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact your local Vehicle Titles and Registration Division Regional Office. You may also contact Bobby Johnson, Director of Headquarter Operations, at (512) 465-7719.

In some cases the Registration and Title Bulletins (RTB) contain attachments. If you require a copy of the original signed RTB and the attachments, please e-mail us and include the RTB number. Repeat requests are subject to charges in accordance with Open Record policies. A subscription service is also available for an annual fee of $250. Subscribers will automatically

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