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036-07 Fee Changes and New Forms for Military Specialty License Plates

Registration and Title Bulletin - #036-07

Date: September 4, 2007

To: All County Tax Assessor-Collectors

Subject: Fee Changes and New Forms for Military Specialty License Plates

These documents contain text of correspondence sent by TxDOT to the county tax assessor-collectors, statutory agents who provide vehicle registration and titling services for citizens in Texas. This information is provided to apprise the general public of issues affecting the state's vehicle titling and registration process.


The 2007 Texas Legislature passed House Bill 191, which simplified/standardized fees for categories of specialty license plates issued to qualifying active and former military personnel from the U.S. Armed Forces.


The fees for 15 military specialty license plates have been simplified in an effort to streamline the statutory fee structure. View a table showing the affected plates and the former and new fee structures as of September 1, 2007.

As part of the new fees, VTR has consolidated the applicable forms used to apply for all military specialty plates. There are five new forms related to military specialty plates and all will be available from the Web site at or through the Registration and Title System (RTS).

The plate fees and forms for Disabled Veteran (VTR-615) and Texas Guard or Armed Forces Reserve (VTR-139) license plates remain the same, but note that the replacement fees for these license plates were standardized at $5.30.

The new military plate forms and their applicable license plates are:

VTR-420, Application for Military Veteran License Plates

  • Airborne Parachutist
  • Desert Storm
  • Enduring Freedom
  • Korea
  • Marine Corps League
  • Military Academy
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Vietnam
  • World War II

VTR-421, Application for Military Meritorious Service License Plates

  • Air Force Cross
  • Army Distinguished Service Cross
  • Congressional Medal of Honor
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Legion of Merit
  • Navy Cross
  • Silver Star

VTR-422, Application for Military Recognition License Plates

  • Former Prisoner of War
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • Purple Heart

VTR-423, Application for Gold Star License Plates

  • Gold Star Family
  • Gold Star Mother
  • Gold Star Spouse

VTR-424, Application for Armed Forces, Coast Guard & Civil Air Patrol License Plates

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • Marines
  • Navy
  • Texas Wing Civil Air Patrol


Dispose of the following VTR forms that are no longer valid on September 1, 2007: VTR-226, VTR-227, VTR-232, VTR-233, VTR-234, VTR-338, VTR-418, VTR-419, VTR-889, VTR-995-Q, and VTR-420 with any revision date prior to 9/2007. The form VTR-995-Q for motorcycles is obsolete because military plates with a motorcycle option are now included in the new forms. Attached are copies of the new forms which may be photocopied and supplied to customers.


If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact your local Vehicle Titles and Registration Division Regional Office.

In some cases the Registration and Title Bulletins (RTB) contain attachments. If you require a copy of the original signed RTB and the attachments, please e-mail us and include the RTB number. Repeat requests are subject to charges in

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