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034-11 Classic Vehicle License Plates

Registration and Title Bulletin - #034-11

Date: July 28, 2011


All County Tax Assessor-Collectors

Subject: Classic Vehicle License Plates.


To notify you of a reversal of law that would have discontinued use of old license plates for classic vehicles.


Legislation passed during the 82nd Legislative Session reversed a 2009 statute that would have prohibited the use of old license plates on a classic vehicle beginning in September 1, 2011.

House Bill 2357, 82nd Legislative Session (2011), removes the prohibition of the use of old plates in Transportation Code Section 504.501(b) and will continue to allow new approvals of old license plates to be used on classic vehicles, as is currently allowed.

The provision of the 2009 statute that eliminates the $15 fee for use of the old plates on classic vehicles remains and will be effective September 1, 2011.


If you need additional information, please contact your local Regional Service Center. Thank you.

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