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012-12 Collection of Fee for Duplicate Receipt and Fees Not Established by Law

Registration and Title Bulletin - #012-12

Date: May 07, 2012


All County Tax Assessor-Collectors


Collection of Fee for Duplicate Receipt and Fees Not Established by Law


To remind you to collect the $2 fee for printing a Duplicate Registration Receipt; and not to collect other "miscellaneous" fees for title/registration duties unless the fee is established by law.


According to Texas Transportation Code, Sec. 502.058, the owner of a vehicle for which the registration receipt has been lost or destroyed may obtain a duplicate receipt from the department or the county assessor-collector who issued the original receipt by paying a fee of $2. The office issuing a duplicate receipt shall retain the fee received.

The fee should only be charged if a Duplicate Registration Receipt or Vehicle Inquiry Receipt is printed. If a receipt is not provided to the customer, the fee should not be charged.

Assessment of Miscellaneous Fees not in Statute or Texas Administrative Code

Only fees prescribed by law or the Texas Administrative Code may be collected for vehicle title and registration transactions. Examples of miscellaneous fees that are not provided for in law, and should not be charged to the customer includes: a fee to receive a fax to verify liability insurance or additional fees charged for services such as making a phone call for the customer, or contacting a lienholder.


The $2 fee should be charged when a Duplicate Registration Receipt is printed and provided to a customer. If the vehicle is not currently registered and an Inquiry Receipt is printed, the $2 fee should be charged.

Only fees prescribed by or provided for by legislative statute may be collected for vehicle registration and title transactions.


If you have any questions, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.

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