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005-14 Title Package Retention

Registration and Title Bulletin - 005–14

Date: March 6, 2014

To: All County Tax Assessor-Collectors

Subject: Title Package Retention


To provide new guidelines for Title Package Retention as a result of the implementation of the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).


We are scheduled to fully implement NMVTIS on April 22, 2014. Upon full implementation, an inquiry will be conducted in NMVTIS for qualifying title transactions to validate key title fields (e.g., Year, Make, Vehicle Identification Number, and Odometer), check for value limiting brands, and validate the surrendered ownership evidence. The inquiry process requires two business days from the date of processing through RTS Point-of-Sale. For example, title transactions processed on Monday will receive the automated NMVTIS Inquiry Error Report (at the county’s RTS network printer) by Wednesday morning for transactions with errors. Additional information regarding NMVTIS will be forthcoming in future communications.

In some situations, it may take an additional (third) business day to receive a particular day’s inquiry response. As a result, all Title Packages must be retained at the county for a minimum of three business days before mailing from your office. For example, all transactions processed on Monday should be mailed from your office no earlier than Thursday. Your county’s business practices may require longer retention; however, the department requires a minimum of three business days.

Transactions that are mailed prior to the third business day could result in lengthy delays to the title being issued to the customer when an NMVTIS inquiry error occurs. These transactions must be cleared of the NMVTIS error(s) before the title can be issued. Prematurely mailed transactions will need to be returned to the county for correction.

To further avoid delays to a title being issued, please do not retain paperwork at your office for more than two weeks (14 calendar days) from the date of processing. The department is unable to issue a customer a Texas title prior to receiving the Title Package Report from your office.


In preparation for NMVTIS, we recommend you immediately implement procedures for retaining all Title Packages for a minimum of three business days. This will greatly assist your offices when NMVTIS is implemented and you begin receiving NMVTIS inquiry errors that require your attention. This retention requirement is mandatory with the implementation of NMVTIS in April. Being proactive about implementing the minimum three day retention will ease the burden of having to implement two new changes (title package retention and NMVTIS error processing) in April and will allow your staff to become accustomed to these changes in advance. Further, please do not retain paperwork at your office for more than two weeks (14 calendar days) from the date of processing.

Be on the lookout for future RTBs and communications from the department regarding NMVTIS.


If you have any questions, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.

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