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008-14 Dealer Title Application (DTA) Processing with the Registration and Title System (RTS) 7.4.0 Release

Registration and Title Bulletin - 008–14

Date: March 21, 2014

To: All County Tax Assessor-Collectors

Subject: Dealer Title Application (DTA) Processing with the Registration and Title System (RTS) 7.4.0 Release


To make you aware of temporary guidelines for processing DTA transactions through RTS following the RTS 7.4.0 Release.


The RTS 7.4.0 Release is scheduled for statewide release on April 22, 2014. This release features six new fields for users of DTA software. These six fields include the three surrendered title information fields (jurisdiction, title number, and issue date) and the three owner identification (ID) fields (number, type, and state/country).

The three surrendered title information fields are required in order to process transactions through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), effective with the RTS 7.4.0 Release. The three surrendered title information fields are only required for DTA transactions when an out-of-state or foreign evidence ownership document is used to transfer the vehicle. DTA transactions using an existing Texas record to transfer are not affected.

Dealers and DTA vendors were informed on January 13, 2014, and February 13, 2014, that a software update would be required effective April 22, 2014. However, DTA transactions processed in the days leading up to April 22, 2014, or any backlog in your offices, will result in you processing transactions from DTA dealers that do not have the three mandatory surrendered title information fields. The three surrendered title information fields will become a hard stop immediately upon the release of RTS 7.4.0.

Although the ID fields are also required, they will not be a hard stop in RTS until July 1, 2014. This will allow DTA dealers ample time to submit transactions processed prior to April 22, 2014, and obtain the required software upgrade. The July 1 date will also allow county offices who process DTA transactions to work through any potential backlog.


We reached out to several affected DTA counties last year to determine an appropriate solution to handling DTA transactions regarding these six new fields. As a result, the following procedures have been established:

Between April 22, 2014, and June 30, 2014, any DTA transaction that indicates an out-of-state or foreign evidence ownership document will prompt your office to enter the surrendered title information. Since this should affect only a small number of DTA transactions, we ask that you capture this information in RTS on the dealer’s behalf. Previously, DTA dealers were notified that ID information must be captured on the Form 130-U even if they have not updated their DTA software. Please continue to process the ID information under the current procedure during this time. Please ensure that your staff working on DTA transactions are aware of these requirements.

Effective July 1, 2014, the ID fields will also become hard stops in RTS. Since these fields will affect every DTA transaction processed by your office, when any of the six required fields are left empty (surrendered title information or owner ID), reject those transactions back to the DTA dealer and require they be reprocessed correctly.

We also encourage you to begin working through any backlog of DTA transactions your office may currently maintain leading up to April 22 in order to minimize data entry of the required NMVTIS fields.

Please work with your DTA dealers to ensure they are aware of the requirements to upgrade their software and that transactions submitted must include all required information to prevent them from being returned by your office.


If you have any questions, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.

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