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Multi-State (WASHTO) Single-Trip Permits

multi-stateTxDMV issues multi-state, single-trip permits under the Western Regional Permitting Agreement (WASHTO). The State of Texas, through TxDOT, participates in the "Western Regional Agreement for the Issuance of Permits for Oversize and Overweight Vehicles Involved in Interstate Travel." Under this agreement, each member state may issue regional permits allowing operations in any other member state. The following states are currently members of the Western Regional Agreement: Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Nevada.

Multi-state permits may only be used for one movement, during the times specified on the permit (not to exceed five working days), from a specific point of origin to a specific destination.

Permits are issued for nondivisible loads.

Western Regional Weight Table

How to Apply

txprosApply online
through TxPROS


You may also:

  • Download and submit Form 400, Western Regional Permit by fax (512) 465-4251

Payment information must be provided with the permit application.

TxPROS Information and Tutorials

400 Western Regional (WASHTO) Permit Application

Size & Weight


  • Width – 14'
  • Height – 14'
  • Length:
    • 110' overall. Semitrailers longer than 53' may not be unladen or carry more than one item when loaded end to end.
    • In Oregon, an unladen combination of vehicles may consist of the towing or power unit and not more than one jeep, one semitrailer and one booster, provided semitrailer length is not more than 62'. Movement is authorized unladen with fewer vehicles, or with the jeep and/or booster loaded on the semitrailer. However, the absence of both the jeep and the booster (carried as load or in use) invalidates this provision.


  • 600 pounds per inch of tire width
  • 21,500 pounds per axle
  • 43,000 pounds per tandem axle
  • 53,000 pounds per tridem (wheelbase more than 8' and less than 13')
  • 160,000 pounds gross weight
  • In no case may the gross weight exceed the sum of the permitted axle, group axle weights or the weight specified by the permit, whichever is less.
  • A minimum of five axles
  • The weight on any group of axles shall be determined by the Western Regional Vehicle Weight Table.


Operating Authority

In Texas, prior to being issued a permit, you must comply with TxDMV Motor Carrier Registration (MCR) or Unified Carrier Registration (UCR). If not required to have TxDMV MCR or UCR, you must have a permit bond in the amount of $10,000 on file with TxDMV.

Motor Carrier Registration

Unified Carrier Registration

Permit Surety Bonds

Fees & Payment

Fees are calculated and collected by the issuing jurisdiction based on the fee schedules of each jurisdiction (state) in route. However, fees are the same as if ordered directly from each state. You may access this information by contacting participating states at the websites and numbers listed below.

State Phone Fax
Arizona (623) 932-2257, ext. 0 (623) 932-2441
Colorado (800) 350-3765
(303) 757-9539
(303) 757-9719
Idaho (208) 334-8420 208) 334-8419
Louisiana (800) 654-1433
(225) 343-2345
(225) 377-7149
Montana (406) 444-7262 (406) 444-7670
Nevada (800) 552-2127
(775) 888-7410
775) 888-7103
New Mexico (505) 827-5540 or
(505) 827-5427
(505) 983-1565
Oklahoma (405) 425-2334
(405) 425-2205
(405) 424-3890
Oregon (503) 378-5849 (503) 378-2873
Texas (800) 299-1700 (512) 465-4251
Utah (801) 965-4508 (801) 965-4936
Washington (360) 704-6340 (360) 704-6350

The Texas portion of your fee will be based upon the fee for a General Single-Trip permit.
Fees are payable by:

  • MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express (a service charge of 25 cents per permit plus 2.25 percent will be added.)
  • Funds deposited in a pre-established escrow account
  • Permit Account Card (PAC) or FirstPay Account established through Frost Bank San Antonio
  • Personal check, business check, cashier's check or money order, payable to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Cash (MUST be delivered to a TxDMV Regional Service Center)

A permit fee will not be refunded after the permit number has been issued unless such refund is necessary to correct an error made by the Motor Carrier Division.

General Single-Trip Permit

Escrow Accounts

More Information

  • General escort and equipment requirements apply to both permitted vehicles and escort vehicles for travel in Texas.
  • Review your permit for specific curfews and conditions that apply to your load and movement.
  • Multi-State (WASHTO) Conditions include curfew hours, restrictions, escort requirements, and other permit conditions that must accompany permit

Escort and Equipment Requirements

Multi-State (WASHTO) Conditions

Western Regional Permit OS/OW Restrictions

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